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Main aim of the advisory institute Lienka is to improve the life quality of everyone who commits himself to our care.

Lienka is an advisory institute offering its services to everyone who wants to improve his/ her mental abilities. This includes improving of concentration skills and promptitude – response time reduction and improvement of the quality and speed of information processing. To this area also belongs burn out syndrome prevention and chronic exhaustion syndrome prevention.
We offer our services also to parents whose chlidren are suffering from specific learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) syndrome, speech impedances, sleeplessness and children with school attendance delay as a learning disabilities prevention. On this website we offer you basic information regarding EEG biofeedback therapy and basic advisory services description. Here you can also find useful advice and internet advisory services for parents, children, teachers and people working with other people.
We will be pleased to correspond to our clients‘ individual requests.

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